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Introducing 5 Minute Workouts

Free 5 Minute Workouts allow you to Create Your Perfect Workout.
Simply select the the videos you would like to do and save them in your playlist. You can now do Your Perfect Workout focusing on the areas you wish.

Each video starts and finishes in child’s Pose so will flow beautifully.

Click on the video above to look through the videos available. Let us know which videos you chose and what is Your Perfect Workout.

Always use a warm up and cool down. Choose from yoga, splits, pilates, glutes, arms, core and many many more.

Create Your Perfect Workout . Feel and look great

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Watch “Yoga Stories for Kids. The Zoo” on YouTube

Introducing the first in a series of Yoga Stories for kids. Introduce children to yoga through a fun adventure story.

The fun animal characters make the yoga moves interesting for children of all ages.

You can use at home with your child or as a teaching aid at school.

Yoga for Kids. An imaginary adventure to the Zoo.
Teach yoga moves to children with this fun adventure story.
Become penguins, flamingos, elephants, trees, frogs and snakes as we explore the zoo.

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After such a successful first challenge I’ve decided to do another introducing the Booty and Splits Workout Challenge 2.

Do you want to tone your booty, get rid of cellulite and feel amazing? This challenge is for you.

Back by popular demand this workout will leave you feeling toned and summer ready

Not only that you will get your splits- or nearly get your splits at the end of it.

What more could you want?!! Click on the video and start today.